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I was content in focusing my efforts elsewhere as it was a trade-off I could live with. When this was working, you could validate files WITHOUT active x being used or installed. I think it is Microsoft's problem now that I see lots of other people having the same trouble.

Anyway, if I have to dl files that need to be validated, I will have to install the activex control until is corrected. You made my day even tho we found no working answer for

This makes me feel better, but still no answer to this error.

I have checked the activation of my w7, and it shows OK, showing it has already been activated.

Even talked one Microsoft individual into running the tool it gave her the same result I received. Mine only just finally worked directly from WGA but only after yet another install of what I assume must have been an even later version of the one installed via W-U. and if the code generator is defunct, then I'm just chasing my tail as I can't install XP mode without the code.

this is before she turned me over to the Tech's who accused me of PIRATING WINDOWS. I'm showing the same error trying to validate and download XP MCE 2005 Rollup 2, all the other normal updates are aboard including Windows WGA but the browser keeps insisting it's out of date, download the the newer version..I would if I could find it. Validation tool/code generation appears to be defunct.

I have restored my computer to my saved Image before I installed the active x tool. From your input, at least I now know that my computer is OK.

I did update my patches from the Update site OK, just could not download the files for any of them. The full error when running the Genuine tool (Even a new download of this tool) is: "This version of the windows genuine advantage tool is no longer supported. Uninstaller, searched the computer and the registry and deleted all found Firefox entries that Revo did not delete. I ran Auto Runs and there in nothing showing Mozilla or Firefox.....(Used Auto Runs since it came out...great program! Tried the new downloaded ..still showing the full error as shown in my last reply.Hold on "the statement above still says the tool is no longer supported" and I can still receive automatic updates on all my systems even XP and MGADiag still says Genuine Windows.As I have more than one Valid Windows Tried on the others with the same result!!! Can not download any Windows Software that Require this tool and was downloading the few days before on all systems.As of 29 August 2013 Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Tool failed.I had just purchased Win 7 64bit the few days before.

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Open Fire Fox first and deselect anything in settings to make Fire Fox the default browser. Disable anything with Fire Fox autostarting in msconfig, services, startup folder, and run folder in registry (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows/Current Version/Run). If uncomfortable in the registry then download Autoruns from Windows Systernals ( to manage startups 5. This image restores Everything to the Exact State at the time when backed up. This was a long time before this error started showing up. Internet Explorer and Firefox is set to detect if they are the current default browser.

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