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Who is mario testino dating

As Mario Testino moves through the café, customers and waiters alike step out of his way. His head seems pretty still, too, although this may be related to the black scarf he wears like a neck brace, fussily arranged so that each end is draped over a shoulder. He also has a certain style, as you would expect from the man who helped discover Kate Moss and Gisele, who became the favourite photographer not only of Diana, Princess of Wales, but also Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna, and who persuaded Sir Elton John to get on all fours for a Vogue shoot, so that Elizabeth Hurley could ride on his back.He sits down in a favourite corner – this is his local, around the corner from his house in Holland Park – and, as he sips a frothy coffee, he reminisces about the second time he photographed Madonna.It integrates high quality in their printing and production and context in the themes of their publications.They have a strong sense of 'the now' and what is happening.The result of two decades of extraordinary friendship, and phenomenal glamour, this iconic collaboration is an intimate insight into the lives and minds of two of the world’s definitive style leaders.Follow the journey of one of fashion’s most extraordinary friendships, from early days backstage at the shows to behind-the-scenes glimpses of the ground-breaking editorials they continue to produce for the world’s most respected magazines.

The cover is the duo's first as a couple and was styled by fashion legend Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele.

"Mario & Carlyne were the first high fashion people to say yes when the rest said no [to the shoot]," Shayk tells Us.

Mario Testino is recognized as the ultimate fashion photographer of his generation but his pictures of Kate Moss transcend fashion.

Even though I had this preconceived notion – ‘I'm not going to fit in with this crowd, it's going to be intimidating' [his Slumdog co-star]?

While the soccer star is completely nude, supermodel Shayk, 28, wears a stunning white strapless gown with a slit up the thigh.

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