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What does updating firmware do

Inside your camera is a microprocessor (small computer), that uses software stored on non-removable flash memory inside your camera.This is called firmware and is the operating system of your camera which allows you to control the features and functions, with the camera’s menus and buttons.

Without firmware your camera would not be able to operate.Please note that some camera models never had new or updated firmware released and therefore new firmware updates may not be listed at all.Important: You need to know the model of your camera and only use the firmware that is specific to your model.Your instruction manual will help you find where to look in the menus.You can check for the latest firmware by looking at the manufactures support and downloads section of their website for your brand and model of camera.

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Believe it or not some people wanted more from their cameras and the only option was to team up with other smart people and write their own firmware!