Updating old outlets Sexy antiers online web cam chat

Posted by / 20-Feb-2017 22:43

Updating old outlets

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I am in the process of slowly updating the wiring in my house.

does it seem silly to run merely a ground wire back to the panel?

There is no ground wire and it is not armored cable. The ground bus bar in turn should be grounded to the earth.Thus, a single 15 amp breaker is repalced by a double 15 amp breaker providing two breaker circuits in a single slot.I had an older house where we had to use several of these to accomodate the number of sperately protected circuits that we needed.fortunately much of the electrical in the house is updated and i have a good ground back at the panel, at least i assume i do.a lot of the updating was done around 1995 by a certified electrician.

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