Updating kernel in debian

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Updating kernel in debian

Several different packages are available for this purpose: for more information.Or you can use the redirector service httpredir.which aims to solve the problem of choosing a Debian mirror.you don't need to update to the latest test kernel, just apply the acpi patch to the 2.4.20 kernel (there is a 2.4.20 acpi patch) then compile the options you need into the kernel, since this is on a laptop, most of the kernel options you need can be compiled in with out to much worry.after you do a: "make xconfig" then do a: "make dep bz Image modules modules_install" then move /arch/i386/bz Image to /boot/vmlinuz NEW then create a new entery at the bottom of your lilo.config file in /etc.after that restart your computer and you can now select the new kernel in the list at boot.-------Original Message------- From: Keefe Roedersheimer Hi everyone, I am a newbie to Linux and Debian and I am trying to do a relatively simple task.Sometimes, a revised package will require the installation of a newly revised version of another package, in which case the installation will fail until/unless the other package is installed.

Please note that when you get and install the packages, you'll still have them kept in your /var directory hierarchy.We always do our best to make upgrading to new releases a smooth procedure.In case there's some important note to add to the upgrade process, the packages will alert the user, and often provide a solution to a possible problem.You should also read the Release Notes document that describes the details of specific upgrades.It is available on the Debian website at will install upgrade files in place, even on a running system.

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To keep your partition from overflowing, remember to delete extra files using program provides mechanisms for excluding files with names matching user-specified strings, this program is most useful when the objective is to download whole directory trees, rather than selected packages.

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