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Updating intellisense visual studio 2016

If this resolve the problem then it means your original master page have some problem. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site (the association bonus does not count).

Port your original code step by step to new master page and test after each port if intellisense is working properly. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead?

Is there a better solution or an update that will fix this?

Please limit your tags to those that are actually necessary.

In my case, I was simply unobservant at first and didn't see that one of the 30 projects in my solution said "(load failed)" even though one of its files was still loaded in the editor, but had no intellisense. Intellisense did not recognized an imported namespace in my case, although I could compile the project successfully.

The solution was to uncheck imported namespace on project references tab, save the project, check it again and save the project again.

It was working completely fine when I had update 1 but not update 2 Hello, Try installing the Clear MEF component cache extension for visual studio 2015 by Mads Kristensen https://microsoft.com/22b94661-70c7-4a93-9ca3-8b6dd45f47cd. This extension resolve the issue for me Regards, Manoj Kulkarni Hi shellwege, You could try /Safe Mode to starts Visual Studio in safe mode, loading only the default environment and services.

I located and deleted the file and restarted visual studio. I have VS2012 update 4 and the problem is intermittent, but once it strikes on that particular page being edited it is there to stay.

My solutions (I was using perforce) is to load the entire solution instead of the individual file.

Originally I had loaded a file by click on it in perforce Solution Close VS (which closed the individual file) Reopened by starting the solution file instead of the individual file If you are using Master Pages then create a blank master page use that master page in your content page.

One solution is simply to close the page and re-edit it.

Here's some KBD shortcuts to try to reboot it, but don't know if they work. I had the same issue, it turned out to be that nuget packages were not automatically downloaded for a solution i downloaded from the repository freshly, thus intellisense was not available since none of the required packages to show the right suggestions were available.

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