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"We've tweaked our event so you don't have to repeat your job description to everyone.And btw, when a woman asks what you do, it's a good sign, it means she is interested enough to want to know more.It's the quickest way to meet the singles you like and skip the rest.The advantages » Applicants are screened for professional qualifications and a depth of personality.So basically there was nuthin really that I did not like. Providing full name makes it easier to trace a person online after the event and attempt to make contact with them even if they marked you NO.

We also make it clear at the start that no personal questions, particularly ones about a person’s past are to be asked in the eight minutes," says 34-year-old Dalal.

We cannot divulge too many details of our decision making criteria since that would expose us to potential gaming of the system but here is an overview of what we screen for.

The thing I liked the most ws the main concept - meeting 12 singles who do not ask for ur number but whom u genuinely get to knw widout any pressure or expectations. It's the first time I attended a speed date event in mumbai.

What if the VCs were to be present in their informal avatars to meet the entrepreneurs?

In this age of dating apps, we found it interesting that Bangalore-based venture Life Of Line (LOL) will be organising a speed dating event in the city, this weekend.

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After the first eight minutes, the LOL host will ring a bell and the men will finish their exchange at the current table and move to the next one.

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