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Using the procedure discussed in the tutorial, a Test Product Qry was created using the following SQL View of the Make Table query.

Test Product Qry The above query was run which created the Test Products table.

If we wanted to re-assign everyone that reports to John so that they report to Jack we would simply change the manager numebrs to 008 Thanks for that, i think ive found the solution to be able to split out the original team members from the new ones, but that seems like a much easier way of running the update process than the one i had before, ill be using that from now on i think.

Microsoft Access offers a variety of options for making updates to records.

I want to be able to change the entire team to another manager.

Currently i do this by providing combo boxes at the top of the form with validated entries, the user selects the new team and then runs an update process to make the change (this runs an SQL update query to do all of the staff in one go).

Doing it the way i have i dont have any way to filter the records that i want updated, so it moves everyone over.

After not realising this at first i find myself with a lot of unused managers and a couple of big teams with about 70 people in them (oops, thankfully its all test data). I am trying to replace an older system i created which used holding tables and lots of updating/appending/deleting. As always any help given or time taken is greatly appreciated.

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The problem is that when all of one team move to a new manager i end up with effectively 2 teams of staff under one manager.

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