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There's an enormous amount of secrecy that goes on with these homes," said Sheriff Snyder.

Of the estimated 3,000 (and counting) sober homes in Florida, the vast majority are not licensed or regulated in any way.

According to FARR, less stigma surrounding rehab and greater access to healthcare has sober homes and recovery residences popping up in every community and catering to every demographic.

While these homes can be an amazing asset to help recovering drug addicts stay sober and reintegrate into society, many of them are insurance fraud factories where recovery is not the main concern.

"The majority of these homes act much more like criminal enterprises.

They will not allow our deputies into the house; they don't want us on the property.

It is a primer of sorts to help anyone in a relationship with a recovering addict, and even those in recovery themselves, understand what recovery entails and which behaviors may still be “left over” from the addiction.

Your awareness of this will be of great help to you and your partner. Also benefiting your relationship is the variety of healthy activities you can enjoy if your partner is sober, especially sports, exercising and going to cultural and spiritual venues.

Take things slow, take time-outs, and remember the HALT rule: Never get too hungry, angry, lonely, or tired. I learned so much during the period in which I dated my boyfriends in recovery.

I made a vow to myself several years ago that I would “get out” more and practice my dating skills with more regularity. At times, it felt like I was venturing into an alternate universe.

I ended up dating a wide variety of men, two of which were in 12-step recovery programs.

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The Contact 5 Investigators continue to work with FARR as it begins this voluntary certification process to see if it does in fact increase local control of sober homes and put some of these "bad actors" out of business as FARR believes it will.

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