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Shana moakler dating

Your Tango: Can you tell us a behind-the-scenes story that you've never told anyone before? I mean like sexual tension, you are with your partner eight hours a day and you are dancing and some of these dances are very sexy and a lot of flirting goes on with the partners and the castmates.

Your Tango: Since the show is called we have to ask, are you dating anyone now? He is not famous, he is a regular guy and I've never been happier actually. there is line dancing, a live country band, cowboys and cowgirls.

Your Tango: Your last stint in reality TV was close to a decade ago now, in 2006. Shanna Moakler: I have always loved reality TV and I have been offered tons and tons of reality TV projects across the board, like you name it.

I like this one because it isn't like I had to carry the weight of a show on my own, and it was other women who have had similar life experiences as me.

to launching her clothing line Fauxy Fauxture, Shanna Moakler is keeping her name in the spotlight.

Moakler eventually branched out into an acting career, appearing as a regular for two seasons on the USA Network television series Pacific Blue in 1998, Moakler later moved to New York City and then to Los Angeles.Travis Barker has good reason to be worried about a run-in with Shanna Moakler's biker boyfriend ... TMZ has learned the boyfriend Moakler allegedly threatened to let loose on Barker ... Shanna and Travis were both arrested a couple of weeks ago for slinging death threats.Sources close to Shanna believe Barker will try to use her bf's Angel ties against her in their custody battle, but we're told Shanna's insisting he's a nonviolent pussy cat with no rap sheet. Shanna posts pics of her man on the reg, but always blurs the Hells Angel patches on his cut. She also had roles in Critical Mass in 2000 and Pauly Shore Is Dead in 2003.Other film appearances included Seeing Other People in 2004 as Kasey and the part of Petra in Big Momma's House 2, which was released in 2006.

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In 1997, Moakler played Jaime in Poison Ivy: The New Seduction.