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I really should go back but i bloody hate docs/hosps and everything that comes along with them lol.

Hope everything goes ok with you Thank you for ur replies.

Thank u for ur replies and congrats to the mums that were told they couldnt have children and have and that are pregnant. I had to have all the sti tests which came back neg.. We are now trying again and having much more difficulty.

I have no idea why theyre sending me for a scan, they did swabs too so get those results today hopefully. Then Dr said that as im " small " down there it could be that my partner was " big " and thats y sex would hurt me!! but ive had it on ovary twice which was stuck 2 pelvic wall.. My pain went away as soon as I was pregnant and stayed away while I was breastfeeding but when I stopped and my periods returned the pain came back.

My GP said they treat it with The Pill sometimes but as we were trying for a baby that wasnt possible for me. Sorry for your loss im finding all of this quite hard to swallow if im honest, im not pregnant as since the birth of my dd, 4 months ago we have only dtd 3 times as the pain was too much and 2 of the 3 times i was on the pill for 2 of the 3. we didnt use anything so theres a chance i may end up pregnant i suppose.

thank u for sharing urs and ur friends experiences.

Google Endrometriosis uk They have helplines and information packs.

It affects women in different ways, depending on were it is located, some are lucky and don't get pain, others do.

When i came off that i fell pregnant and strangely enough since giving birth I have not had any pain.

A scan showed that the edometriosis had cleared up.

X Depends where it is and then it would affect you in different ways.

I had it in both ovaries - they said it looked like chocolate drops and it was found when I had a fibroid removed.

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Im still in pain today after the doctor examined me yesterday, not gd with a toddler and baby to look after. There are a range of treatment options, not just surgery.