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Openbsd updating ports

It's interesting the different emphasis on ports between Open BSD verses Free BSD.Open BSD ~ Will follow the mailing list and use the package tools ( pkg_info and pkg_add -u ) where deemed critical.Yeah, there's docs and books galore -- what do you people actually do? Use cases/environments and scenarios vary, as do the stakes/stakeholders/users.Books and man pages cover tools and uses, but lack practical application.Recommend a book if you know of one that covers it! Bubnoff Conclusions ~ Thanks to everyone who took the time to answer this post.

Then I read the page cited below that suggested playing with the order of the Load Modules, and put the PHP first.

Do you patch/recompile/rebuild kernel, binaries --- why?

What's a conservative approach for critical services ( reasonably critical -- this ain't no bank or hospital ) on BSD boxes?

Older releases of Open BSD used the FLAVORS system to compile up a statically linked PHP.

Since it is hard to generate binary packages using this method, it is now deprecated.

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Using binary packages to install PHP on Open BSD is the recommended and simplest method.

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