Online dating what to say if not interested

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Online dating what to say if not interested

So what's the consensus out there these days in "Online Dating Land" re: saying "thanks, but no thanks"....? I wished them good luck and thanked them for writing back.

I also tell them I wish more women were as courteous as they are.

So if somebody "winks", emails you a note, communicates a bit, or otherwise expresses "interest" online, what happens if you're "not interested"?

Is it better to drop a note and politely say "no thanks", etc. I'm thinking particularly of instances where maybe you've both had at least a couple email exchanges or even a phone call, but it soon becomes apparent that you're not a good "fit".

I owe all those men a huge ‘thanks, I’m GLAD you weren’t interested!

'” — Neely Steinberg, dating and relationship columnist.

Now maybe it's different when women say "no" to men, but I'm surprised at how many gals don't seem to be able to accept a polite "sorry we didn't work out, but best of luck in your search". I am not good at hiding "how" I feel about someone. Or the guy who sees you stranded with a flat and drives on praying for you? Online dating Prospect: We are sorry to inform you after careful consideration that we have decided to select a different candidate.“Don’t break up with someone before you’ve even said hello.Unless your match writes a particularly long and thought-out message based on your profile, there’s no need to respond.Whenever I receive an email from a girl I'm not interested in, I thank them for taking the time to write me and I tell them I just don't think we're a good fit. In all the emails I sent out, I always felt better and thanked each girl who at least responded to me saying they weren't interested.I wished them good luck and thanked them for writing back.

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If you tell girls "sorry, we're not a match", many girls can't stand rejection so of course they will have a great many comebacks. If you just let it go and drift away on it's own, you could possibly get the psycho who constantly sends you messages even when you never reply.

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  1. From the countless amounts of people I’ve spoken to and taught, those who have succeeded online sent out well-thought messages to as many people as possible. Some people treat online dating like they’re at a Pic ‘N’ Mix shop.

  2. When you are together with the person you are dating, find other things to talk about, like art or music or movies or really anything other than the disease. There may be times in which you find them behaving unreasonably or even in a bizarre fashion.