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One woman, 26, met her de facto husband in a Yahoo!chat room but joined dating sites to catch him cheating after discovering that his previous relationship had broken up because he was cheating with women he was meeting online.You can get a good feel for people through talking to them for quite a while prior to meeting them." The flip-side of that, she is quick to add, is that not everyone is exactly honest."A lot of people aren't who or what they say they are.The other was a torrid tale of broken hearts, bitterness and the usual pain and rancour that engulf all when it goes wrong."SB", 26, summed it up: "If you are a positive, realistic person, this is a fun way of meeting people.Apparently the show's participants were a rather strange and sad lot and the web dating community is still smarting over it. It quickly becomes clear that net Datingland does not necessarily equate with Geeksville or Pervert County. Then there were the stupid, rude, the egomaniacs, marrieds looking for some extramarital fun and two men who sent nude photos along with some startling ideas of how we could spend our spare time.Reasons for joining dating sites are as varied as the individuals.

NZ’s more casual sites can be great if you’re after some flirty fun but, when you grow tired of the Tinder conveyor belts, it might be time to try one of New Zealand’s more premium dating sites.Used this site some time ago, returned to give it another go today and it seems to be NZ only. I've even googled findsomeone australia but still only get links to the site for NZ singles.Perhaps someone out there had been active on the site during the change and can confirm this.SHELLEY HOWELLS braves the netherworld of internet dating and finds many well-adjusted enthusiasts as well as a few weirdos. Few words so rapidly conjure images of sad, desperate geeks/weirdos/social cripples.We've seen the TV documentaries featuring assorted oddballs telling their tales of woe or joy, we've been told again and again how dangerous it is out there, and so many of us have shunted net dating into the "too weird" basket. January web stats from Hitwise show that the top two local sites, NZ Dating and Findsomeone were 3rd and 9th respectively in a ranking of Kiwi sites' market share, with both having gained popularity since the month before.

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"I have come to the conclusion that I have a snowball in hell's chance of meeting 'her' here." But he does believe that internet dating is a good way of casting the net wider than the traditional ways of meeting potential partners. A 39-year-old professional says that time is of the essence in his life.