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Mainly, however, Apple Script relies on the functionality of applications and processes to handle complex tasks.

As a structured command language, Apple Script can be compared to Unix shells, the Microsoft Windows Script Host, or IBM REXX in its functionality, but it is unique from all three.

Apple Script is related to, but different from, Apple Events.

Apple Script can do basic calculations and complex text processing, and is extensible, allowing the use of scripting additions that add new functions to the language.

When the Apple Script Editor is open and the Record button clicked, any user actions on the computer - in any application that supports Apple Events and Apple Script recording - are converted to their equivalent Apple Script commands and placed in the script editor window.

The resulting script can be saved and re-run to duplicate the original actions, or modified to be more generally useful. If you need to make a small one-line comment, you can use 2 hyphens (-), or a number sign (#).

Apple Script is a scripting language created by Apple Inc.

and built into the Classic Mac OS since System 7 and into all versions of mac OS.

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The term "Apple Script" may refer to the scripting system itself, or to an individual script written in the Apple Script language.