Is scam or legitimate dating site speed dating newark uk

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Can't even log into the site with .y email or username and password. All of the women on there have fake profiles and fake addresses. When I took "Flirt" to task, regarding this, they told me that I was not using the site correctly.

I don't know if there is a true dating site for hooking up any more. I get one word replies to emails and the few times I chatting with a girl all she wanted me to do was visit her own site were I assume I need to pay for something. I am in my thirties and I was talking to women in the same age bracket.

Which isn't as bad as the hoops you literally have to jump through to get your account removed.

They have you email the administrator who does not email you back with a confirmation number to email so you have to deal with someone from India to get your email by calling the 212#. Overall it took 3 days of bs and my account still hasn't been completely removed. You will receive numerous messages from different usernames asking to go to the same skype username. They make it hard to cancel and I called them to cancel and the customer service rep was able to tell me my own password.

Also yahoo IM has been plagued with the same thing from these people. Being a developer, passwords stored and visible in plain text is a huge annoyance of mine.

Joined Flirtlocal a week ago had .messages till I paid for the membership know can't get a respond. All my contacts disappeared, shortly after I paid "Flirt" a membership fee.

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