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Imani showalter dating steven jackson

After relocating to Los Angeles and surviving Barnes’ first season playing for the most recognizable team in the world, she’s keeping busy both as a mom to her twins and taking on a new challenge: easing into the Southern California lifestyle.LAURA GOVAN – sister to Gloria Govan, Laura may be rebuilding her life with just her kids and brand new baby to keep her company, but she’s never alone as Govan family ties run strong.The baby weight is gone and she’s looking like a skinny minnie! Basketball Wives LA star Imani Showalter’s ex & baby daddy Stephen Jackson recently did an interview with The Joy Daily Show and had no problems letting his feelings about the Basketball Wives franchise show! According to The Insider, VH1 will be producing a second season of their successful drama filled reality-show!Highlights from in the interview include the women not being “real actual wives”, Shaunie is the only one making money — pimping the other girls and that his ex Imani needs to get over him & move on since he’s married now! Like a moth to a flame, the craziest housewife, Jackie Christie will be returning!The mother of three tweeted bikini photos of her new slimmer body in a sexy leopard print Victoria’s Secret bathing suit! Draya says, “I make sure that I’m styled to the “T” when I step out of the house, paying very close attention to detail.I wouldn’t leave without my shoes or more importantly my smile… XO XO”“There is no denying the fact that Draya Michele exudes the bold and exotic flavor embodied by Secret Kisses,” states Ronell “Big Gates” Levatte, founder and owner of Secret Kisses.Matt took to twitter to announce that their relationship had been over since May, they were only putting on a façade for the VH1 cameras, that his Eva Longoria “relationship” was not a factor AND that it was Gloria’s cheating with HIS friend that caused the split!The estranged wife of jailed basketball player Jayson Williams is the latest to be added to the cast of the forthcoming series, "Basketball Wives L. Tanya Williams told the New York Post she has shot three episodes so far. that [it] is purposely filled with flighty, overly emotional and senselessly dramatic women," she told the Post via e-mail.

Kimsha refuses to resign herself to the LA “party” lifestyle, also shying away from the bling.

Bulldozed in the press for being overbearing and controlling in her relationship, she’s not one to hold her tongue, even with other players’ wives.

She loves the spotlight and seems unfazed by her reputation as a polarizing figure in the world of basketball wives.

Draya was recently in the ATL and sat down with Urban Kompass TV to spill the tea on the Basketball Wives LA experience, what new projects she is working on, why you don’t need a baller boyfriend AND drops the bombshell that she may NOT return for season two! Hopefully these pics & her island vacation will help Imani follow in Stella’s footsteps and get her groove back!

Somebody better get VH1 on the phone because no one wants to watch those old crazy ladies without Draya! “Secret Kisses is excited to announce the signing of reality star Draya Michele, as the newest young spokesperson for its Secret Kisses Lipstick and Lip Gloss line.

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No official word on whether the other ladies will return but we hope they will giving us the drama that we love!