Heavy metal speed dating

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Heavy metal speed dating

There was business to be taken care of on the darkened floor, after all.

All of us in the crowded room were there looking for love -- but not within the typical go out, get numbers, and get laid social construct. The bachelor proceeded to show me his artwork and informed me that his favorite thing to draw was women morphing into werewolves. Fair play to him, he could draw a great rack." -- Kari "Women were called forward to take their seats in chairs along the walls.

And, in a rookie mistake, signed my first and last name." -- Brett "The stage housed a big screen that projected the same oversaturated loop of long-haired men posturing with guitars intercut with Viking battle action for the entirety of the evening.

Not that anyone was paying attention to what was up on stage.

I found my allotted wall space, lucky #2, hoping for magic to happen." -- Kari "The darkened bar at Saint Vitus was filled with metal paraphernalia and blasting metal at high volume.

I noticed a shrine of sorts, complete with a Christlike rendering of a canonized Lemmy, the recently deceased frontman of Motörhead.

It was filmed right here in Brooklyn at heavy metal dive Saint Vitus in Greenpoint, with external shots at Angry Wade’s in Carroll Gardens.

I found the event registration, signed up, and slapped on a name tag with even more inverted crosses.

'Just say you’re into Motörhead, and that’ll be enough for most people.'" -- Brett "As the dates went on I met an ad guy, a "professional" weed dealer, a comedian, a lovely writer, and a musician who lived with his parents. Some of the guys were actually looking for 'a cool chick to go to shows with' whilst others were just there as some kind of curious social experiment.

One man informed me that he was in an open marriage.

Both him and his wife date women, but have never dated the same woman.

'That would be incredible if we did,' he said." -- Kari "After the beanie chick, I shifted to the left to a girl named Anna with a septum piercing, metal-head vest, and unruly auburn hair.

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Instead, as I dressed for the evening (black pants, black boots, black shirt, leather jacket -- you get the picture), I went back to what I knew and jammed to "I walked in and was actually quite surprised.

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