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Though, the pain of the move was less so when he was introduced to town sweetheart Amy Abbott.

It was a love affair at first site, and started more drama then your baby mama!

When Ephram gets into town and starts making moves on his sister, brother bear gets protective of her relationship with his not-dead-yet best friend and quickly becomes Emphram's enemy.

Bright and his family seem like they have it together on the outside, but the trauma and guilt Bright is suffering from due to the accident will soon see the light.

Now: Treat Williams is as successful as ever, having starred in NBC's hit Chicago Fire in 2013-2014 as Benny Severide, a former firefighter and the father of the lead character Kelly Severide.

At the beginning of this month, it was announced Treat has joined the upcoming HBO film Confirmation as famed Senator Ted Kennedy!

Put that practitioner's teen town sweetheart daughter Amy with a boyfriend in a coma due to a severe brain injury in the mix, and we have hit folks! That didn't stop the cast from moving on to bigger and better things!

of the mountains with just a hint of 7th Heaven and a dash of Grey's Anatomy.

Edna and Irv Harper take to Delia and become segregate grandparents to her and Ephram.

Delia is the glue to her bother and father, and often deals just the right amount of truth tea to keep them all together. Now: Delia isn't so small anymore, but she's just as feisty!

Both Jurassic World and Guardian's are slated for sequels and Chris is attached to both! Well let this little Twitter exchange between Everwood co-stars Treat Williams and Chris Pratt that happened this weekend help you out... Then: Sweet faced Vivien fit in Everwood perfectly as the smart-mouthed tomboyish 9-year-old Delia Brown, sister to Ephram.

Though, Chris isn't letting the fame get to his head, and looks on his days in Everwood with fond memories! Delia seemed to be the only one in the family able to cope with the passing of her mother properly.

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Just think, the world's best brain surgeon moves from the big city to a small town with his spunky young daughter and hot moody teen son after the tragic death of his wife.

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