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Let's party, chill and whatever we may be in the mood to.

Generations of South Africans grew up vacationing in this sun-drenched city on the Indian Ocean the farthest large city on earth from San Francisco, but also one of the most eerily Californian.Perhaps one of the grave traps that I seemed to repeatedly fall in was falling for straight guys, or self proclaimed straight guys.My only mistake was allowing my fragile and easily deceived heart to fall for them.I am quite conservative you see, and I believed that top gay guys should approach or make the first moves at bottom gay guys and not the other way around; much like in traditional heterosexual relations (perhaps I still harbour this mentality).However things did not turn out the way I expected.

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What is interesting about Durban is that although it is a modernized upbeat city, it has managed to hold on to some of the values and morals of old and it is still conservative to a certain extent.