Gay cristian dating new dating sites in london

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Gay cristian dating

The company has 24 months from the date of Monday’s order to bring all its sites into compliance.

Being a Christian can sometimes be difficult, but being a gay Christian can prove to be more complicated.In fact, with a quick Google search, I found one right off the bat that helps Christian gays and lesbians find each other. Christian websites must include homosexual relationships. While I realize there are LGBT Christians out there, it ceases being Christianity when the activism comes before faith.Forcing religious sites to conform to formats outside of their religious beliefs was wholly unnecessary. A Christian business that holds Christian values should not be forced to ditch those values, and punished financially on top of that, just like an LGBT business shouldn’t be forced to provide products that go against its message.The only person I’ve seen attempt to get Muslim bakeries to do anything was Steven Crowder, and he was just trying to prove a point.We can all easily find a place that will provide the service we’re seeking, especially in this age of the internet.

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The site holds to Christian beliefs that relationships should occur between a man and a woman.