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She’ll really like him, but she won’t know what to do with his jealousy and need for reassurance and fantasies of marriage and desire for affection, so she’ll dance around his heart until she mistakenly steps on it, piercing it with her new sharp heels. She’s really nice.” I wondered when my son had started reassuring me.

He’ll have to deal with hearing a couple of years later that she’s pregnant and getting married to an American guy who reminds her of him. ” What do you do when your sweet, sensitive kid, who you are committed to protecting, asks you if he can enter hell? Is there a girl, like a certain girl, or are you just asking in general? There’s this girl in my grade named Catherine and she’s really nice, and really smart. I guess we’ll go out to dinner, go to movies, stuff like that?

We moved away near the end of that year, but I stayed devoted to Adele.

One of my strongest memories was sitting at the supremely ugly red piano singing the love theme from Doctor Zhivago to her. One day late in the school year she was gone (as was the tendency with American ex-pats in foreign schools). I didn’t sing a sappy song, but I did fantasize about the day I would be elected President of the United States so I could use that high office to find her again and tell her of my undying desire. She’s dated before so I asked her what she talked about at lunch with her last boyfriend, but she couldn’t really remember.

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Burnett's Talk Length: 800-1000 words Due Date: November 20, 2015 A Second Reflection upon Your Goals and Your Intellectual Life During last semester, you have had opportunities to record reflections upon your goals and the intellectual climate—especially as experienced through extra-curricular experience, the curriculum, and discussions in the FYE course.

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