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I wouldn't compare Lifeline to offering moldy bread though.There are a lot of people trying to make this program work, and to improve the quality of the phones offered.I have MS, and when my Assurance phone died and I asked if I could use a different phone because the 2 phones Assurance (Virgin Mobile) offered were too hard for me to use.I was told "no", I had to get one of those phones I paid 21.99 for it.

HOWEVER, it's critical that people use language that is appropriate and respectful. The people that qualify for this program need all of the help they can get, and Assurance Wireless has finally come through with a smart Android phone for those that want one or need one and that are qualified for this program.

" In addition (Jan 09) "Most of these complainers probably lie to qualify! and "I sent my phone back twice 'cause they did not work. Much of these comments are like saying: "I got some old, slightly moldy bread that is still edible and I'll give it to your starving ass for FREE - Yes I said FREE! ..hear from someone that is thankful; thank you for sharing your thoughts!

After the 3rd time I bought a better phone, paying ! I've got some fresh bread, but you better not complain about getting moldy bread because you don't really "deserve" anything! Of course, we all want the program to evolve and have more, and I created this forum as a place for people to voice their opinions, and to be heard.

We have a right to complain about the phones and the fact that only new customers are getting better phones.

That's okay from someone who thinks it's okay when they have a smartphone when others can't get one thinking like a brainless twit who doesn't know what they're talking about.

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Assurance Wireless is a great help to me getting service for free, but their people who answer phones are not very qualified.