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Datingengines com

As with any successful Web 2.0-based application there are a great many other spin- off search-based applications – searching based on the American Presidential election, various mash-ups and so on; the list is almost endless.

However, if you are tempted to explore and use Twitter as a search tool.

As it happens, there are several different social media search engines that can be used to track down this useful (and sometimes not so useful) content.

One may be forgiven a certain amount of skepticism with regards to this content, but it can easily be argued that there isn't a great deal of difference between content produced for a weblog, tweet or a social networking post, and that produced for a Web site.

Another search option allows searchers to look for content near a specific location, within a certain number of miles or kilometres – useful if you need to do some research on a news hotspot for example.

Content can be searched from a specific date or to a specific date, which allows someone to follow the chronology of a news event perhaps.

The search engine is oddly well hidden on the home page, placed down at the bottom almost as a footnote, but it's also available at [2].

The search interface is very basic and follows the trend of looking as much like Google as possible, although there is an advanced search function which allows users to limit in a number of ways.

If we are to believe everything that we read about social media and user-created content, it's reasonable to assume that there's a lot of it out there.

It has a simple interface with a tabbed approach, allowing users to focus a search on blogs, microblogs (by which they mean Twitter), bookmarking services such as Delicious, [6], Clipmarks [7] and Diigo [8].

Other options are to search comment sites such as Friend Feed [9], events, images from Picasaweb [10] Photobucket [11], news resources at diig [12] and reddit [13], and video from You Tube [14] and Daily Motion [15].

Such posts can be sent directly from the Web site, or just as commonly (if not more so) via mobile devices or third party applications designed to repackage content (such as a blog posting or Facebook status) and post a snippet and pointer in a 'tweet'.

Individuals can subscribe to others (the terminology is 'follow') in order to see all of their posts (or tweets) but anyone can also search for references to any subject that interests them.

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People are busy twittering away, creating bookmarked content, creating their own pagecasts in Pageflakes – to say nothing of writing about anything and everything in their weblogs.