Dating sites farming

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Dating sites farming

“Most farmers either marry a high school sweetheart or meet a spouse in college.Farmers Only is there for people looking for love later in life.” Thirty-five percent of Farmers Only’s more than 500,000 members are older than 50, the site’s media director Michael Gober says.“Some members want friends as much as a spouse,” he muses.That’s why he’s built a dating site that’s not just for dating – and not for farmers only.

She said the people who ran these other sites had no clue about what’s important in life.

For those ages 35 to 44, 17 percent use online or mobile sites for dating, and 45- to 54-year-olds are getting in on the action, too, at eight percent.

Here are the top 10 searched dating apps of 2015 in the United States, as well as the price, the pros, the cons, and what makes this particular app so damn special.

Sure, the scent of sweet hay is exhilarating, but isolation takes a toll. “Loneliness is a huge problem for farmers and ranchers.

Sometimes these tough, strong guys break into tears on the phone, worried they’ll never find someone to share their lives,” says Jerry Miller, founder of the Farmers matchmaking site.

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With dating apps designed specifically for bacon lovers, beard aficionados, and marijuana users, today's world of online dating can be overwhelming — especially if you're new to the game.