Dating seth thomas antique clocks Cams on blackbook

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Dating seth thomas antique clocks

Seth Thomas also produced a full line of watches in 0, 4, 6, 12, 16 and 18 sizes, the primary production was inexpensive jeweled watches. (great grandson of Seth Thomas) served as chairman of the board until his death in June 1932.

During the first decade of the twentieth century Seth Thomas became one of America's largest jeweled watch manufactures. In 1930 a holding company named General Time Instruments Corporation was formed to unite Seth Thomas Clock Company with Western Clock Company. The Seth Thomas Clock Company became a subsidiary of General Time Corporation in 1949.

Watch manufacturing began in 1884, was discontinued in 1914.

Unfortunately company records with serial numbers and production dates no longer exist.

Seth Thomas worked together with Silas Hoadley, the two bought out Terry’s interest in 1810.

Seth Thomas sold his interest in the partnership to Silas Hoadley in December 1813 bought out Herman Clark’s clockmaking business in Plymouth Hollow, Connecticut, making wooden movement tall clocks, and about 1817 began making a wooden movement shelf clock. After the Seth Thomas's death in January 1859, his three sons, Seth Thomas, Jr., Aaron, and Edward continue the business.

They phased out movement manufacturing and began importing many movements from Germany. In 1979 the headquarters was moved to Norcross, GA.Larger railroad stations in principle cities often used larger models with more elaborate cases, such as Seth Thomas , height 75 inches with a 12 inch dial and a mercury pendulum.In 1883-1884 the Seth Thomas Clock Co., Thomaston, CT, built an addition to its existing factory on the corner of Marine Street and Bridge Street in order to manufacture jeweled pocket watches.The larger Seth Thomas featured a 14 inch dial and 41 to 44 inch tall case.Also an 8-day weight driven clock, and because of its accuracy, was widely used as the Standard Clock in the railroad stations across North America.

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The model was produced, with very few changes, until 1950 and thus is probably the longest produced single model in clock manufacturing history.