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From the valley of the Avon it rises to a height of 100 ft. 23) The chapelry of Bricklehampton is to the southeast of Pershore, parts of Little Comberton and Wick lying between it and St. It is long and narrow, containing 914 acres, lying north and south, the northern boundary being the River Avon. 25) Bricklehampton Hall is built of stone in the Italian style and stands in a small park. The village is in the east of the parish on the road from Pershore to Upton upon Severn. Near the churchyard is an ancient cross, the head of which has been recently restored. 31) but the Quakers have no chapel at Pershore at the present day. 57) and at the Dissolution the Abbot of Westminster held rents amounting to £17 6. 59) and in 1556–7, as the manor of Bricklehampton, to the refounded abbey. 60) On Queen Elizabeth's accession, the abbey being once more dissolved, the manor was again granted to the dean and chapter. 61) The estate was sold in 1650 by the Parliamentary trustees to Sir Cheney Culpeper, (fn. 87) Three years later it was in the possession of Sir Edward Scbright, (fn. 93) In 1562 Anthony Carleton granted it with the manors of Birlingham and Defford to Sir Thomas Russell. 94) From that time it followed the descent of Birlingham (q.v.) until 1654, when it is mentioned for the last time.

above the ordnance datum in the north and west of the parish. The road from Pershore to Evesham passes through the north of Bricklchampton, and the village lies on a branch from this road. above the ordnance datum; to the north it falls to the Avon Valley. It is mostly modern, but includes a few old black and white cottages. In the north of the parish there is a ferry over the Avon connecting Wick with Wyre Piddle. Place-names occurring in Court Rolls and other deeds relating to St. 62) but was restored to the Dean and Chapter under Charles II and has since remained in their possession. 63) (Deopanforda, x cent.; Depeforde, xi cent.) seems to have formed part of the earliest endowments of Pershore Abbey, 10 manses there being confirmed to the abbey by the so-called charter of King Edgar dated 972. 64) Before the Domesday Survey this estate had passed to the abbey of Westminster, and was included in the great manor of Pershore held by that abbey. 65) The estate then contained 10 hides, of which two Frenchmen held two; Alcot, a monk, had held a hide in the time of King Edward the Confessor, but this appears to have reverted to the abbey before 1086. 66) A portion of this manor was held under the Abbots of Westminster from the 12th to the 14th century by members of the D'Abitot family. 71) was granted in 1541 as parcel of the manor of Birlingham to John Carleton, (fn. 85) and Samuel Wilson, perhaps his son, was in possession of the manor in 1656 (fn. 88) to whom it was confirmed in 1674 by Humphrey Forster and Mary his wife, Richard Pace and Judith his wife, and John Butler. 89) His son Sir Edward was in possession in 1694, (fn. 92) in Defford, may have been a virgate and a half of land granted in 1365 by John Coppin, rector of Evesbatch, co. Habington says of this place that it 'bore anciently a show of greatness; but after ruinated is now reedifyed in a homely manner.' (fn.

It includes the southern part of the town of Pershore, taking in Bridge Street and part of High Street. 40) and during the 15th century the site of the manor seems usually to have been leased. 41) In 1534 the Duke of Suffolk wrote to Cromwell asking that the lease might be given to one of his servants, (fn. This manor passed with the rest of the possessions of the abbey to the Dean and Chapter of Westminster, (fn.

The northern part of the parish lies on the right bank of the Avon and the southern part is in a bend of the river which divides it from Birlingham on the south-west. 43) and it remained in their possession with the exception of a few years during the Commonwealth (fn. 46) The site or farm-house of the manor is described in 1690 as being on the west of the town of Pershore (fn. Near it lay Great Calcroft or Calvecroft, a close containing about 7 acres, where the leets for the hundred of Pershore were held. 48) (Brihtulfingtune, x cent.; Bricstelmestune, xi cent.; Brichaluntun, Britlamton, Brithampton, xiii cent.) are said to have been confirmed by King Edgar in 972 to the abbey of Pershore. 49) This land was among the estates taken from Pershore Abbey and given to the church of Westminster by Edward the Confessor, and in 1086 10 hides there belonged to the abbey's great manor of Pershore. 50) The Abbots of Westminster probably held this manor in demesne until Abbot Lawrence (c.

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The rest of the southern boundary is formed by the Mary Brook, a tributary of the Avon. 4) after an attempt had been made by some of the owners of land in the forest to disafforest it in 1218. 5) Horewell Wood, which seems to have been a survival of the forest, belonged to the Abbot of Westminster (fn. 13) In 1223 a disagreement arose between the Abbots of Westminister and Pershore as to common there, the Abbot of Pershore claiming it as the right of his church before Pershore was given to the abbey of Westminster. 14) Not long after the Abbot of Westminister induced various landowners in the surrounding manors to give up their claim to common in this wood in order that he might impark it. 15) In 1271 William Earl of Warwick gave permission to the abbot to reinclose his park at Tiddesley and promised to give thirty bucks and does to restock it. 16) The wood or park of Tiddesley passed with the rest of the abbey estates to the Dean and Chapter of Westminster. 17) The southern part of the parish is formed by the ancient manor of Pensham. 44) from that time until 1869, when it was taken over by the Ecclesiastical Commissioners, (fn. 1160) granted it at a farm of £4 yearly to Peter de Wick. 51) This grant was confirmed to Peter's son Robert, and from that time the manor followed the descent of Wick Burnell (q.v.), of which it became a member, (fn. 53) Wilson apparently sold Bricklehampton to William Russell, who was dealing with it in 1776, (fn.

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