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Dating an electrovoice 664

This 77-C1 was used for sometime at Reno's radio station, KOH, but eventually it was "dumped" as obsolete equipment.

RCA introduced the BK-1A Pressure Microphone around 1950.

In V1 (Voice Normal), -10db of low frequency attenuation allows the source to be about 1 ft.

from the microphone and for "close talking", V2 gives -22db attn. The frequency response is almost flat from 50Hz to 15KHz (in the Music position, no low frequency attenuation.) The NBC flag shows that this 44-BX was originally used at station KNBC, located in San Francisco, California in the late forties.

RCA was destined by its very creation to dominate the Radio Industry.

Though Fessenden had successfully demonstrated the concept of broadcasting, he was actually more interested in providing point-to-point voice communications and, as a scientist, he preferred to continue on with this and his other radio developments and inventions. RCA was created by General Electric in 1919 using some of GE assets and primarily by the purchase of American Marconi. Loaned by Frank Spain This file contains additional information such as Exif metadata which may have been added by the digital camera, scanner, or software program used to create or digitize it.- Reginald Fessenden first transmitted voice in 1900 using a spark transmitter but the audio quality was not commercially useable due to distortion from the poor quality of the carrier wave.The broadcast consisted of violin music (played by Fessenden) and recitation of Bible passages.Though the program was a test, it was picked up by some shipboard radio operators around Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

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Velocity ribbon microphones use a light-weight, metal ribbon (Duralloy) suspended between the poles of a horseshoe magnet (2 magnets on the 44B series.) The motion of the ribbon corresponds to the velocity of the air particles past the ribbon and the voltage generated is an accurate reproduction of the sound wave that transverses the ribbon.

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