Chile dating love

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Chile dating love

Well, that’s not entirely true as there are plenty of blond people here too and Chileans come in all sizes, shapes, and colors as long as the color is “moreno” or white for the skin and black for the hair.

Still the Chilean female invariably will complain that Chilean men as a whole are too short and most are what they call “machistas” meaning “chauvinists”.

But along comes the wayward donkey and well you know the end result–we call that a “mule”.So when they hear your accent, their interest will be piqued.If you have blue eyes and blond hair, they will become even more curious, because here most people are like, well, the fishermen in Crete meaning they all look the same.That is a looooong time, some 10 years longer than the USA where we expel our youth from the nest at age 19.Here in Chile one is presumed to care for their offspring through college, graduate school, right on and beyond your own retirement, where you will likely die at your desk as you pay off university tuition.

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me considero moderno e informal, no tengo muchas preferencias.

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