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Buddhist tantra dating

The earliest European scholarship, as discussed in Urban 2003 (cited under General Overviews), tended to look askance at tantra as “degraded” forms of Buddhism and Hinduism due to the selective uses of sexual and transgressive practices.

Thus, late Victorian scholars such as Sir John Woodroffe (see Other Studies of Tantra) tended to “deodorize” and “sanitize” tantra (to use Hugh B.

There have been many useful studies of Hindu tantra published since the 1960s.

Shambhala was an opportunity to learn advanced Buddhist meditation techniques without having to buy into Buddhist beliefs and institutions.

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It also discusses major intellectual trends in scholarship in the 20th century.

Davidson 2002, although focusing on the origins and growth of Buddhist tantra in India, also places Hindu tantra in the larger context of Indian history, politics, and religion.

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However, the Internet has also enabled the creation of many fine scholarly websites and databases for the study of tantra.

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