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One of the most popular English screen actresses of the 1950s, she is remembered for co-starring with Benny Hill in the 1956 comedy Who Done It?

and for sharing the screen with Jerry Desmonde and Lana Morris in the 1955 feature Man of the Moment.

Now that you are suffering and walking through this valley of darkness, please allow me to do the same for you.'"Belinda says she realised then that whatever a child is feeling, the mother experiences tenfold."My mum was always telling me that I'll never understand how a mother feels until I become one myself," she says."I am really looking forward to that day too.

I think it will be when I truly comprehend what it feels like to be a mother."Belinda appreciates the fact that even though her mum worried about her, she trusted that Belinda would take care of herself."Whenever I went home, she would be very happy to see me.

She made her cinematic debut in the 1954 feature The Runaway Bus.

From her heart-warming info-ed TV programmes to her never-say-die attitude and her deep, abiding love for her late mum, she's a ray of hope to those around her.“I took guided morning walks, swam, did aqua therapy and yoga, and saw a nutritionist to learn how to eat better.At mealtimes, I enjoyed my own company, but a couple invited me to dinner one night – they must have felt sorry for me!Then she said in Hokkien, 'Bel, when you are in pain, it's not the others who hurt, it is Mum's heart that feels it.' That made me cry even harder, of course," Belinda adds.When The Going Gets Tough Belinda shares her top tips for staying upbeat on long, tiring days on set:1.

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She trained for more than four months."I danced until I couldn't dance anymore, and developed this huge blister on my ankle.