Ball her court dating

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Revis' attorney has said Revis was physically assaulted by a group of at least five people.He said Revis ''feared for his safety'' and sought medical attention, but he didn't offer details about the severity of Revis' injuries.I know it's only a book but i was so happy for her.All she wanted was to know that there were people out there that she was related to that weren't like Daphne.

She always said that Paige and Kelsey were the pretty sisters but I'm pretty sure she was gorgeous.I hate how in the book she was always so negative about her looks.I loved Rich and how sweet and wonderful he was to her. All she went through and he couldn't handle just hearing it.Police say the fight started when a man began recording a video of Revis and Revis grabbed his phone and tried to delete it. The New York Jets said through a spokesman they would have no further comment on Revis' situation other than their initial statement that they were aware of the matter and had spoken with Revis.NFL spokesman Brian Mc Carthy said in an email to The Associated Press that the league was looking into the matter.

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