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Accumulating databases in human genome research have enabled integrated genome-wide study on complicated diseases such as cancers.

A practical approach is to mine a global transcriptome profile of disease from public database.

Particularly, genes in low-abundance might not be well represented.

Fortunately, ESTs of one tissue from different libraries were available via three international nucleic acid databases, Gen Bank, EMBL and DDBJ.

Transcriptome maps of these four tissues were constructed via an in-house Get Uni software package.

In this study, we scrutinized the ESTs of colorectal tissues under 4 different states including normal mucosa (N), colorectal cancers (T), and two most common precancerous lesions: adenoma (A) and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD, ulcerative colitis and Crohn Disease included).Human Uni Gene database (hs.data, build#181) was also downloaded from NCBI Uni Gene repository [].Get Uni software package (available upon request), an in-house potent computational approach for clustering non-redundant nucleotide into Uni Genes, was written in Perl6.0 and run under Linux (Redhat 9.0) operating system.Differences in gene enrichment among these libraries were statistically significant in 50 signal transduction pathways and Pfam protein domains by GOTM analysis P Colorectal cancers are genetically heterogeneous. Aberrations of ribosome and glycolysis pathway might be early indicators of precursor lesions in colon cancers.The electronic gene expression profile could be used to highlight the integral molecular events in colorectal cancers. Many tumor suppressor genes, oncogenes, and growth factor genes have been demonstrated to be involved in the carcinogenesis of colon and rectum, for example, k-ras, APC, p53 and TGFβ.

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