Private live sex chat with free demo credits

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Private live sex chat with free demo credits

Popular performers can demand fees of 6 credits per minute whilst you can access new streams or less popular channels for 1 credit per minute.The credits can also be used to ‘tip’ your host or purchase other services on the site.Offering chat services alongside the video streaming the site has a strong reputation for providing quality streams, genuine hosts and a robust, secure online environment.Let’s take a look at some of the key features on Im Live.Users can suggest activities for the host and ‘direct’ the way each show goes.Users have a choice of private cams, group chat cams and a selection of new users to trial out.In turn, those hosts with a stack of positive reviews are much more likely to make a lot of money from IMLive.Hosts can also offer a House of Games themed show which allows users to interact with the host over their ‘turn’ during a cheeky, activity style game show format.

Mostly amateur, hosts earn around 30% of the revenue that their broadcasts generate and popular performers can make very good money in this way.

IMLive registration is free but allows limited access across the site to view the channels; you will need to provide credit card details to verify age before you get to see any of the good stuff.

Services on the site are paid for using virtual currency, called Im Live credits with hosts determining the charging rates for their channel.

I want you to enjoy yourself and feel comfortable in my room! I'm slowly adding to my toy collection and experimenting, so suggestions for toys are appreciated!

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Though there are very few examples available online as the feature gets picked up by new performers the streams are expected to be of a lower quality as they will largely be from smartphones.

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