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Most European train stations are in the heart of the city.

This means that it is often just as fast to travel by train as by plane.

And as I got older, there were periods in my twenties when I was just miserable.

Eric Spitznagel: (Untitled) is essentially about the outsider art scene in New York.

This could include taking a cruise, traveling by train or just driving to see the grandkids in the next city.

Train travel in Europe offers the opportunity for both.When I asked the women in our community where they would like to travel to next, Europe was at the top of the list.Should you take advantage of the many budget airlines, like Easy Jet, that operate in the region?I recently sat down with Mark to discuss how women our age can get the most from train travel in Europe.If you live in the United States, you are probably used to flying everywhere.


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