Naughty hot chat sites in south africa

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There was no fat on his body and from my sister look I can feel that she was liking his body. My sister looked up at him, trying to process just what he meant. She felt her skin tingle as he slid upwards, and she looked down paralyzed as he cupped her pussy in his big black hands. My sister just smilled."Now I'm going to fuck you", he simply said, and with that he again slid a finger deep inside her.

My sister moaned loudly as he touched her, his words turning her on like nothing else before.

He kissed her at last not before feeling her breast and saying ur too wet to handle now. At night we had dinner and he was just sitting opposite to my sister. I just went near my sister room and from a small crack saw that she was wearing a new shirt and skirt. they were kissing hard as they were hungry for years.

And they were having some eye flashes which I saw when my sister blinked her eyes and smiled. We were watching movies but I excused myself saying I am feeling sleepy and went in my bed room. The shirt was white and almost noticeable black bra. He said darling de u wore all the clothes I gave to u. that means she was wearing undergarments also given by him. They were kissing for so long that I felt I will cum in pant.

My sister felt his hand on hers and kept her eyes closed.

My sister felt him move her hand and still her eyes were closed. " my sister felt her mouth gape as the big black man began to move her hand over his thick cock, letting her feel every one of his 10 inches. my sister leaned forward, half in awe, half in fear of his monstrous black cock.

The lady said why r u looking there , dance with me. he was around 63 tall with good body and though he was black he was charming and good looking. I was angry with that man but at the same time I was getting aroused by this lady and as a result I enjoyed my sister view with a black man rubbing her ass.. and most important that she is a virgin .after a long time he will be enjoying a virgin girl tonight. They were dancing together and he was rubbing her ass and first time I saw my sister hand on her thigh just below his crotch.

Leave them they r enjoying the dance and see how good they both r looking. He said yes she is from london and is staying here for 3 days. he said that he will be making love with her tonight. And her hand was moving towards his crotch and then I saw the most unhappening things. That was unbearable for me but was even unbearable for them. she said no she isnt feeling good so she want to go to room.

He had not done anything other that kissing her and sucking her breast. He started to rub her pussy over her panty and took her breast in his mouth. He then placed his finger on her lips and she licked her own juices and cum. My sister panty was soaked with her juices and her cum. They were enjoying and I too was also enjoying seeing them. I felt very happy for my sister thinking that she was 23 and still virgin.I then came back and after 40 min I went to that mans room and hided there. There was my sister standing at the door in shirt and skirt which I just saw her wearing in her room. He must have asked her panty size as well as her breast size. He grabbed her and took her in his arms and closed the door. He inserted his mouth in my sister mouth and was searching her tongue .after kissing her for more than 10 minutes he withdrew his lips from her and said , ur very sexy my daring. He then kissed her neck and then brought his lips just above her breast and kissed it.Later in evening we went outside for a walk and then came back. I am 28 yrs old and my sister is 23 yrs is 56 tall with a good figure with charming face. She had wore a pink neckless suit was looking stunning. A dance party was organized which started in about an half an hour and many couple started to dance together. I was masterbating but then I heard some voice in my sister room. A man voice was there and then I couldnt hear any thing. Next day that man met me in the lawn and my sister was sitting on chair. We had a chat and then I came to know that he is working as consultant in a firm and was from Zimbabwe.we brother sister were sitting on a chair when a lady came to me and requested for a dance. Just at that time I heard a knock at my sister door. Then I heard him saying ur very beautiful and sexy. I was getting exited and thought my sister wants that what can I do. we had a little bit chat and then he switched to personal life.

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I would have been staying in this hotel for a day but now I will be staying as long as she stays. Now the word from my dance partner lady came to my sense that he has big cock. He said he was living on the 3rd floor and I should come in his room around 11pm. I saw him kissing her hard and he took his right hand under her leg. He then took her behind the bar room and I too quickly went behind a tree. I thought no sister the reason is that ur without panty. We went to room and as soon as we went she took her panty from her room and ran in bathroom.

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