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Coming up on THIS WEEKEND’S episode of Cheaters, La Tasha fears that her husband may be using his position as a nightclub bartender to meet other women.

Find out what happens when La Tasha’s husband is confronted face-to-face with our cameras rolling. Affairs will happen even in so-called “happy” marriages.

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The views provided here may change from time to time, but offer site visitors a peek into the activities conducted at the Chattanooga Convention Center.Picture your next event at the Chattanooga Convention Center!The Convention Center has over 100 closed circuit cameras installed to provide high levels of security anywhere in the facility.If you’ve been jilted by a partner or spouse, or if you think your mate might be cheating, check out the CHEATERS® Records!See if your partner has a history of infidelity, and help others avoid heartache by creating a report for someone you know is Do you suspect that your partner is being unfaithful?

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Nobody is immune to infidelity because we are all human and humans are unpredictable. My wife of 17 years and I separated back in August due to her claiming she was unhappy.

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