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We have raised it several times but they just say that some girls think it is difficult to give presentations in front of some guys.” Sweden’s Schools Inspectorate last year ruled that an Islamic school in Stockholm had the right to separate boys and girls for PE lessons, triggering a debate in Swedish society.

As a result Education Minister Gustav Fridolin said he aimed to bring in new regulations to prevent gender segregation.

(: I probably have mother issues, but what I feel for my straight-and-married-with-3-kids boss isn't what I'd call a daughter-mother affection at all.

I do find girls my age very attractive, but what I feel for older women is more intense.

A study of British schools carried out by education data analysts School Dash found that pupils studying in single sex state schools received significantly higher exam results in 2016 than those in mixed schools, with 75% percent getting five good GCSEs compared to 55% in mixed schools.

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For me this is normal, as for your case it could just be a matter of coming to terms with yourself.I like the idea of lying in bed with a guys arms wrapped around me but i cant imagine feelings the kind of love that I've felt for women.However I've only had intense feelings and love for women much older than me.However the confusing thing is, I have never had feelings for a girl of my age?? I dont look at girls and get butterflies or anything.There are female acctresses I have felt attracted to as well but they are usually in there thirties or forties. i dont desire to sleep with them i just want to be with them and know them. I know what it feels like to be attracted to much older people.

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I'm always crushing on older guys, teachers and actors, but for some reason I don't find lads my age attractive.

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