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Read Full Review please be careful who you talk to there are very bad people on here its a fun site to but be careful of grubby people or bad people like a boy i talked to his profile pic was very bad be aware please i don't like older people on here if your young like me then ask the age of who you talk to if your older then still be aware even adults some people are bad and gross if you find people like that please stop talking to them also try to find people around your age no matter how old we need to be…

Read Full Review The admin of college chat is making a big deal about me going topless on public cam while no one was on my cam cept one person.

I have only been on here a couple times and I have already made a great deal of friends its great.

Read Full Review chattingcorner is official international secured and safe chat room.Pregnancy chat is great for young moms and dads to get together and talk and share their thoughts and feelings with others, met some great mates in this chat room, hey liz ,rach, savvy, tess n zo luv you all xxx Hey y'all. If you ever wanna talk to me, hit me up in the Singles Chat, I'm usually under Cowgirlx Up.Teen Chat freakin rocks, you can always find someone interesting to talk to, and usually someone who is into the stuff your into. I like teen spot because there is always someone new and interesting in there willing to chat and make friends with you.Read Full Review I think that we have a really bad admin for college chat.She is hardly ever there and she always bans the wrong people and doesn't ask the alleged guilty person what happened.

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Also, the new system of viewing cams SUCKS, as does the new way to PM other users.

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