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Using a highly sensitive nose, polar bears can smell prey up to half a mile away and up to 3 feet beneath the snow. Seal blubber is high in calories and allows a bear to develop insulating layers of fat beneath their skin.Their eyes have a protective membrane that some scientists believe shields their eyes from glare and harmful ultra-violet rays. Walruses and even Beluga whales are also sometimes hunted, although much less frequently.

Through Nott’s exclusive North American buying network you can drive your style today.Viewers of the polar bear cam may notice that the sea ice is not as thick as it once was.Some southern populations of bears now go months without a meal and are not healthy enough to breed or sustain a litter.Several months after birth, in March or April, the family will emerge from the den and the mother will begin hunting again, having gone months without a meal.Between two and three years of age, the baby polar bears will leave the protection of their mother and begin hunting on their own.

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Polar bears have large and sharp claws that allow them to break through ice and kill their prey, and also provide traction while walking on the slippery ice.